Lugazi road cleaners demonstrate for missing four months’ salary

Wednesday March 03 2021
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Some of the street cleaners pictured at Lugazi Central division offices where they had gone to demand for an explanation why they had not been paid for four months. PHOTOS/ DERICK KISSA

By Derick Kissa

Road cleaners in Lugazi town, Buikwe District have run out of patience and stormed the offices of the central division demanding an explanation why they have not been paid for the last four months that they have been working.

Mr Jaril Jingo, one of the street cleaners said they work under poor conditions, most of them with no protective gear, but have not received payment for several months.

“It is now four months without pay, we work in very poor conditions because they do not give us gear. We have now decided to put down our tools until our salary is paid in full. We are really tired of the empty promises,” he said.

His colleague Ms Fatuma Nalyaka, said that besides demanding their salary and protective gear, they also need a salary enhancement.

“We earn Shs 80,000 per month but it is now four months without pay. Our money should be increased a bit. They should also provide us gloves because we can no longer use our hands for eating in fear of getting infected with diseases,” Ms Naalyaka said.

Ms Safina Namirembe told this reporter that she received an eviction notice from her landlord but she has no money to pay rent.

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“We kindly request them to pay our salary because we have children who need to go back to school. My landlord has already given me the last warning and I also have to feed my family. We need our money without fail, else we shall become violent,” she threatened.

Mr Stephen Mpiima, the outgoing LC3 Chairperson of Lugazi Central division promised their arrears would be cleared in one week’s time.

He said the delay was caused by Ministry of Finance which is yet to disburse the funds.

“Since last financial year, our local revenue is directly managed by the Ministry of Finance and we have never got that money. We have also worked for over a year but without pay. I want to assure you that we are going to get some money by the end of the week and all your salary will be paid. I therefore, encourage you to go back to work because our town is now dirty because of your demonstration,” Mr Mpiima said.

By press time, they had agreed to return to work following the commitment of one week’s grace period.