Mbarara women demand term limits to create room for more female leaders

Ms Joy Kabwizi, Councilor representing persons with disabilities at Mbarara District Council, plants a tree in commemoration of the International Women's Day in Biharwe on Monday. PHOTO | FELIX AINEBYOONA

Mbarara City women are demanding the government to put up term limits for Women in leadership under affirmative action to increase women empowerment in the country.

The women who were commemorating International women’s Day in Biharwe Division Mbarara City on Monday said that "greed for power has affected women empowerment" in the country despite government giving a chance for women to select their own leaders which has since become an empowerment for a few.

“Government should put term limits mostly on Local Councils, and MPs to have good women leaders. If only the government can create a system like that of the youth, where you come and lead for a specified time then go. Once you put up a system, it can reorganize the country to make sure we select leaders knowing that they will leave space for others," said Jolly Kagira Tumwine secretary for health and community-based services at Mbarara City council.

She added, ‘’There is still a challenge when you stand with someone who has been occupying that same seat, she takes you as an enemy yet she should be giving you advice. When you are here for five years, let another person come and also be in that position because you are already exposed so what you need to do is to leave that position and you go to other directly elected position so that another lady can replace you.’’

Ms Kagira said recognizing women helps them get the courage and feel essential in the development of nations all over the world.

The team leader Action for Youth Development Carol Owashaba said rural women demand for term limits on women leaders to ensure that at least many women get a chance to lead.

‘‘We demand that the government should continue sensitizing and creating awareness on women leadership especially women in political and decision-making because that is where policies are influenced. We appreciate that government brought the affirmative action that provides space for women to participate effectively in politics. However, we also request the women who are into affirmative action and also through the legislators to put a standard provision of one or two terms,’’ said Ms Owashaba.

Ms Jolly Kabwizi who represents persons with disabilities at Mbarara district council said Women in politics are still faced with big electoral areas to represent which makes it expensive for rural capable women to take part in politics.

“We should divide those electoral areas such that many women can be given a chance to lead but now if you are not financially able, you cannot get any seat. I request women leaders and other leaders that they can help in resolving that challenge so that many women can be leaders,’’ she said.