Museveni slams Facebook over alleged bias

Monday March 01 2021
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This photo supplied by State House on February 28 shows President Museveni and the First Lady Janet Museveni (c) posing with a group of youth whose Facebook accounts were closed as they campaigned for the veteran leader in the just concluded elections

By Xinhua

President Museveni has lashed out at Facebook, saying the tech giant is biased after it closed several accounts of government supporters alleging they sought to manipulate public debate ahead of the Jan. 14 elections.

"They deleted our people's accounts under the guise, but we can see the bias, the discrimination standards they used. You cannot say that these were doing wrong, what about the other group (opposition) that have been spreading all forms of wrong information and inciting our people?" Museveni questioned, according to a State House statement issued on Sunday.

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Mr Museveni was on Saturday meeting a group of youths whose accounts were closed as they campaigned for him.

The president accused the opposition groups in the country of spreading rumors using social media that the country was at war.

The veteran president further said the limitation of access to Facebook will not stop the most important things from happening in Uganda.


Museveni, 76, won the January 14 elections with 58.64 percent. His closest rival was Robert Kyagulanyi, a music star turned politician who scored 34.83 percent.