My life is in danger, says founder of NUP party

Moses Nkonge Kibalama.

Mr Moses Nkonge Kibalama, the founder of the National Unity Platform (NUP) party that is now headed by presidential hopeful Robert Kyagulanyi, alias Bobi Wine, has said he is getting death threats from strangers.

Mr Kibalama said on Sunday that after he passed the leadership of NUP party to Bobi Wine, he has received physical attacks and threatening phone calls while at his home in Buwambo Village, Wakiso District.

“On Thursday last week, a group of people crept into my home but because of my personal security, I managed to detect them and sneaked out of the home and went to sleep in a hotel around town. This was not the first time because they have been calling me and threatening me,” Mr Kibalama told Daily Monitor.

Last month, Mr Kibalama said he had to give up the presidency of NUP party because term was due to expire in November.

The pronouncement has since sparked debate on how the process of changing the symbol, colour and name of the party, which had in 2004 been registered as the National Unity, Reconciliation and Development Party (NURP), was done.

Last week, Ms Lillian Odinga and Ms Edward Seremba, who claim to be members of NURP, petitioned the Electoral Commission, challenging the manner under which their party evolved into NUP and how Mr Kyagulanyi was declared party president.

However, Mr Kibalama yesterday said the two petitioners are not in the party registers and dismissed claims that he was paid by Mr Kyagulanyi to give up the party.

“I challenge anyone with proof that Bobi Wine gave me money to buy the party. Does he Bobi Wine even have that money? And those people who petitioned EC are not members in this party because they are not in our registers,” he said.

Mr David Lewis Rubongoya, the NUP party secretary general, said if the people identify themselves, they will sue them for impersonation.