Nakaseke leaders task government on Crimean-Congo Haemorrhagic Fever cases

Thursday January 04 2018

Emergency. An ambulance is parked near the out-patient department at Nakaseke Hospital on Saturday. PHOTO BY DAN WANDERA

Authorities in Nakaseke have tasked government to clarify on the new case of the Crimean Congo Haemorrhagic Fever just four months after the disease reportedly claimed the lives of eight people in the district.

Nakaseke District LC5 Chairperson Mr Ignatius Kiwanuka Koomu in a statement to the press at the District Headquarters in Nakaseke, claimed that the government has deliberately kept the people of Nakaseke ignorant on health related matters, including the Crimean Congo Haemorrhagic Fever which claimed lives in the District in September 2017 with the latest information revealing another case of the CCHF now under isolation at Kiwoko Hospital in Nakaseke District.

“We are frustrated that government has not come out with an official position on the CCHF disease including extending support to sensitize the public. For the second time in 4 months we have the disease with the latest involving a 9 year old now under isolation at Kiwoko Hospital after results from the Uganda Virus Research Institute confirmed him positive,” Koomu told Journalists on Thursday.

The district has tentatively come up with a budget of Shs370m to share with government on how to help sensitize the public and manage emergences.

Documents obtained from Kiwoko Hospital indicate that the boy was first admitted at Bamugolodde Health Centre on December 18, 2017 before being transferred to Kiwoko Hospital.

The blood sample results which confirmed CCHF positive were received on December 23rd, the documents displayed by the District Chairperson revealed.


However State Minister for Health Ms Sarah Opendi said government works through its departments and that she is not aware of any outbreak for CCHF disease in Nakaseke.

"The District Chairperson of Nakaseke cannot announce the outbreak. Wait for a statement from the Ministry of Health Tomorrow regarding the issue you have raised," Opendi who did not deny or confirm the reported case of CCHF disease in Nakaseke told the Daily Monitor on Phone.

In September 8, 2017 cases of the CCHF disease were confirmed in Nakaseke District where an isolation centre was put up to manage the emergences.
Health officials claim that Nakaseke Hospital struggled to manage the isolation centre due to lack of funds from the Ministry of Health.