NRM unveils voters register

Tuesday July 21 2020

NRM electoral commission deputy chairperson John Kigyagi Arimpa (right) prepares to receive the registers from the deputy secretary general, Mr Richard Todwong, in Kampala yesterday. COURTESY PHOTO

At least 11, 933,793 members of the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) will take part in the party primaries starting this Thursday.
The party will conduct election for the village party flag bearers on July 23.

While handing over the party register to the party electoral commission yesterday at NRM secretariat on Kyadondo Road, the deputy secretary general, Mr Richard Todwong, told journalists that they registered 11.9 million voters, who will take part in all the primary elections across the country.

This number represents 67 per cent of the total voters registered in the country.
The national Electoral Commission registered 17,782,594 voters to participate in the 2021 General Election.
Mr Todwong said this gives the party an upper hand to win majority elective positions across the country.

“With this number, even if we don’t get new members from other political parties, all we need to is to mobilise our members and we sweep all the positions,” he said.
Mr Todwong warned that candidates who engage in violence and other election malpractices will be punished including disqualification and expulsion from the party.

“We are not going to condone indiscipline and violence. All those contesting for party positions must ensure that the process is non-violent and peaceful. We shall not hesitate to punish those who disorganise the party primaries and we shall not fear to disqualify you if you get violent and indisciplined [undiscplined],” he said.
He also warned the party secretariat staff from being partisan.

Two weeks ago, the party electoral commission had identified about 40 districts across the country, which it said are hotspot areas where previous elections have been violent.


Mr John Kigyagi Arimpa, the deputy chairperson of the NRM party electoral commission, said all is set for the election of the party flag bearers.
He also said the party electoral commission has declared it open for all those who want to contest for different party positions to pick up nomination forms for the positions.