NRM youth compare chaos in party primaries to UPC anarchy

Tuesday September 22 2020

Some of the NRM youth leaders in Mbarara District during the media briefing. Photo by Felix Ainebyoona

By Felix Ainebyoona

MBARARA- Youth leaders in the greater Mbarara have likened the chaos and irregularities in the recent National Resistance Movement (NRM) primaries, to the anarchy that was fuelled by leaders of Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) in the 80s.

The chairperson of Mbarara District Youth league, Mr Jarc Tusiime said on Tuesday that what was witnessed during the polls is reminiscent of UPC violent politics that forced NRM leaders to wage an armed bush struggle.

 “What was witnessed in NRM primaries was the return of shaky politics, similar to that of UPC days  in 1980,” he said. “The Museveni generation is known for bringing politics of sanity in Ankole, this is the legacy that our generation must emulate but bad elements in NRM are destroying it.’’

Mr Tusiime said the elections violence was worsened by the glaring failure of registrars to compute simple mathematical poll results.  

“Therefore, we demand that all incompetent, corrupt, arrogant, malicious, biased and deceptive registrars resign or be fired. A fair hearing should be granted to all the aggrieved NRM members whose elections were rigged and stolen in greater Mbarara, Ankole and the whole of Uganda, if it means cancellation of the results, so be it,’’ Mr Tusiime said.

Mr Arthur Arinaitwe Karegyeya said because of what transpired, the NRM Electoral Commission has received more than 400 election petitions.


‘’We are witnessing a lot of criticism. Many people are not happy,’’ Mr Arinaitwe said.

He said: “Dr Tanga Odoi [the chairperson of NRM Electoral Commission] and Madam Kasule Lumumba [the NRM Secretary General] should refund money to contestants whose elections were stolen.’’

Ms Prinkly Ninsiima, a youth leader said that because lack of internal democracy and monetisation of the electoral process in the party, potential youth leaders from less privileged parents have been denied an opportunity to take part in youth elections and contribute to nation building.