Policeman killed after failed attempt to rescue traditional doctor from mob

Monday September 27 2021

Police are on the ground to identify all the residents behind the mob justice.


A policeman in Kamuli District was on Sunday lynched by angry residents for allegedly trying to save suspected two traditional doctors from an angry mob.

Constable Francis Kasolo who has been the OC Crime intelligence investigations department met his death when he tried to stop residents of Kadungu Village in Namasagali Sub-County from lynching the two men.

The Busoga North police spokesperson Michael Kasadha said the residents had attacked the said traditional doctors, accusing them of bringing spirits to the village that were increasingly becoming a menace to them.

According Kasadha said one traditional healer had been killed when Kasolo tried to whisk away the second, a move that did not go well with the already charged mob, who then intercepted them along the way and hacked the police officer to death.

The bodies of the deceased persons were taken to Kamuli General Hospital for an autopsy.

Kasadha said police are on the ground to identify all the residents behind this mob justice.