Politics splits city couple

Thursday September 17 2020

Ms Agnes Namaganda, an aspirant for Kampala Woman Member of Parliament, accuses her husband of domestic violence following her declaration to join politics. Photo | Courtesy

By Nobert Atukunda

An aspirant for Kampala Woman Member of Parliament has accused her husband of domestic violence following her declaration to join politics.

Ms Agnes Namaganda claims her husband, Mr Dick Twinomujuni, has threatened to kill her and later commit suicide.
“He told me he is going to murder me that there is going to be a coffin in the home now. At that point, I was wondering how to disappear. 

He added ‘I am going to kill you and also kill myself than having someone in my home belonging to People Power’,” Ms Namaganda said on Monday.
Ms Namaganda said she filed a case at Nalumunye Police Station. This newspaper could not independently verify this claim.

When Daily Monitor contacted her husband about the accusations, he denied the threats of violence but admitted to disagreements with Ms Namaganda over politics.
“Did she tell you I have ever beaten her at any one point? They are verbal fights. If I say it is my home and I don’t want politics in my home, I really don’t want. I am a civil servant, I am supposed to be non-partisan. I don’t want anything political in my home. No red berets, no political posters,” Mr Twinomujuni said on Monday.

He also denied claims of threatening Ms Namaganda.
“It is not true that I am threatening her. She is doing politics and I have never even slapped her.  

I bought a car at Shs19m. One day, I came back home and she had sold the car at Shs11m. The whole of it as it is, she gave it to Prophet Elvis Mbonye. That is the kind of person I am dealing with,” Mr Twinomujuni counter-alleged.


Ms Namaganda declined to comment on this accusation but affirmed that disagreements in their family have gone on for the last one year since she joined politics.