President blames Arua death on Wadri, Bobi Wine

Friday August 17 2018

Security. Anti-riot police patrol Arua Town yesterday. PHOTO BY FELIX WAROM OKELLO

President Museveni yesterday blamed the newly- elected Arua Municipality Member of Parliament Kassiano Wadri and Kyadondo East legislator Robert Kyagulanyi, aka Bobi Wine, for the violence that resulted in the death of one person on Monday.

In a statement issued yesterday, Mr Museveni said the “actions” of the Opposition politicians led to the death of Bobi Wine’s driver Yasiin Kawuma who was shot on the eve of the Tuesday election.

“The cases of terrorism, damaging property, manslaughter etc against the Honourables Wadri, Bobi Wine, etc will continue. Their actions led to the death of a Ugandan, injury of a number of others and damage to property; so the allegations go,” he said.

The President also blamed the low voter turnout on the Monday night violence. “Nevertheless, the violence of the previous days had had the most negative effect. Of the 46,000 registered voters, only 16,000 turned out to vote; only 34 per cent of the electorate. The others either feared to come to vote or the register is full of ghosts,” he wrote.

Rigging claims
Mr Museveni, who said they are investigating the allegations of rigging in the election, accused NRM agents of not auditing the voters’ register in time to ensure it is free of ghosts. “In the case of Arua Municipality, there is an allegation that the illegal voters were brought to the attention of the Electoral Commission but that it did not pay heed. This will be confirmed or disproved,” he said.

Mr Wadri and Mr Kyagulanyi were both charged in different Gulu courts and remain in detention on different charges.
Meanwhile, security has remained tight in Arua Town, with soldiers and police doing patrols.


Some shops remained closed for fear of resumption of violence. There was a wild overnight celebration by the supporters of Mr Wadri who was declared winner by the Electoral commission.

The supporters marched in procession from River Oli Division to Arua Hill and Awindiri Ward late in the night. However, they clashed with police when they started marching on the streets.

One of the residents, Mr Brian Acikule, said: “The police should allow people celebrate peacefully and only stop them when there is violence. And continued heavy deployment is scaring many businessmen from opening up shops. We need peace in Arua Town and not war.”