Prince Nakibinge lashes at unreliable Muslim leaders 

Prince Kassim Nakibinge (3rd left) during the Duwa prayers over the weekend. PHOTO | FRED MUZAALE

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  • Prince Nakibinge hailed Sheikh Kakande, the Greater Mukono regional Kadhi, for being a reliable leader always. He promised to get him a new wife.

The titular head of the Muslim Community in Uganda, Prince Kassim Nakibinge Kakungulu has lashed at some leaders of the Kibuli Muslim faction for being unreliable and traitors.

Speaking during Duwa (last funeral rites) for late Zefalani Nanziri who was wife to Sheikh Abdulnoor Kakande in Kisoga Village, Nazigo Sub County, Kayunga District over the weekend, Prince Nakibinge said he regrets leaning on unreliable people and traitors for a long time.

"Many people warned me about some of these undependable people, but I don't know why I didn't heed to their warnings. These traitors speak something during day time and in the night they change and speak another thing," he said.

Prince Nakibinge likened himself to a person who leans on a pawpaw tree thinking it is a mahogany tree species.

He, however, said that much as the traitors fight the parallel Kibuli Muslim administration, it will remain firm and standing.

"Those trying to fight our cause are like lizards which waste time shaking a branch of the tree they are actually sitting on. Can a lizard’s weight break the tree branch?" he asked.

Prince Nakibinge hailed Sheikh Kakande, the Greater Mukono regional Kadhi, for being a reliable leader always. He promised to get him a new wife.

Sheikh Kakande said that the big turn up at the Duwa prayers of his late wife had made him firm and called on Muslims to love one another.

The Kibuli Muslim administration was created in 2009 after a section of Muslims accused the Mufti of Uganda Sheikh Shaban Ramathan Mubajje of illegally disposing of Muslim property in Kampala. 

The dissatisfied group first elected the late Sheik Zubair Kayongo as its supreme mufti, but when he died in 2015, the group replaced him with Sheikh Ndirangwa who resigned in April this year under unclear circumstances. Sheikh Ndirangwa threw in the towel, saying he "did not want to pull ropes with his superiors".

Although one of the said sold properties (Plot 30 William Street, Kampala) has since been reverted to Muslims, and Sheikh Mubajje publicly apologized, a section of Muslims still believes that this is not enough since he has not personally reconciled with other top leaders at Kibuli, including Prince Nakibinge who were the main complaints in the case.

Sheikh Mubajje has severally dismissed the rival faction of Muslims as an illegitimate and unconstitutional group that lacks moral standing. 

He insists his opponents are opportunists who are using the sale of Muslim property as an excuse to bring him down. 

Recently, some top Muslim clerics led by former Chief Kadhi Obed Kamulegeya resolved to work with Sheikh Mubajje saying they were fed up of unending bickering within the community.
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