Protest suspects accuse  security agencies   of  torture

Mr John Ddamulira , a trader at Kisekka Market is being detained in an unknown detention centre. Photo/ Courtesy

KAMPALA-  Some of the suspects who were arrested for allegedly participating in last week’s protests have accused security agencies of torturing them while in detention.

 The group, who were later released, claimed they were beaten and their property stolen by security agents.

 One of the victims said he had gone to buy goods in the city centre when security agents raided a shop owned by Mr John Ddamulira , a trader at Kisekka Market.

 Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson Patrick Onyango confirmed Mr Ddamulira’s arrest and several others on allegations of participating in the protests around Kampala Metropolitan area, but denied torturing the suspects.

 “It is true, he is one of the people we arrested, but I cannot tell you where he and others are detained now. We did not torture any person. As an institution, torture is prohibited as a form of interrogation,” Mr Onyango said yesterday.

 Armed security personnel dressed in civilian clothes have been arresting people from their homes and workplaces for allegedly participating in the protests.  

Mr Onyango said they are being aided by CCTV camera footage and intelligence to identify some of the suspects.

 At least 950 people were arrested in the protests following the arrest of presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi, alias, Bobi Wine, while more than 50 people were killed, but police say only 46 died.
President Museveni warned that he would deal with the rioters, whom he accused of being funded by foreigners to cause chaos.