RDC receives urine-filled bottles as ‘package from OPM’ 

Thursday April 08 2021
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Lira Resident City Commissioner Mr Lawrence Egole speaking at an event recently. PHOTO/ PATRICK EBONG

By Patrick Ebong

Police in Lira City, northern Uganda are hunting for suspected criminals who sent the Resident City Commissioner (RCC) 23 urine-filled bottles packaged and labeled as consignment from the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM).
The RCC, Mr Lawrence Egole said unidentified people sent the package in a card box on Tuesday at around 4pm. 
“They claimed it was a consignment from OPM in Gulu City,” he said. 

The package was, however, delivered to the RCC by Mr Santos Okwir Obote, the LCI chairman of Angwetangwet ‘A’ cell in Lira City East Division. 
Mr Okwir told police that unknown people left a package at his home while he was away, with instructions that he should deliver it to the RCC. 

“When I returned home I found a seal box at my home with a message that it's from the OPM and that I should deliver it to the RCC Lawrence Egole,” Mr Okwir said in a statement recorded at Lira Central Police Station. 
Mr Okwir said he took the item to Angwetangwet police post where he was advised to take it to Lira Central Police Station. On arrival at Lira Central Police Station, the LC1 chairman was further advised to take the package to the supposed recipient. 

Mr Egole said he was not in office when he was contacted about the consignment which was supposed to be delivered to him.  Accordingly, he instructed the City Internal Security Officer (CISO) to open it, only to 23 mineral water bottles filled with urine.
“On the box, there were three telephone numbers; two of them were going through by last evening when security called but this morning they have been switched off,” Mr Egole told Daily Monitor on Wednesday.  

The RCC said this could be the work of suspected criminals who are not happy with an operation he launched on Good Friday to rid the city of criminals, who have been terrorising dwellers.  
So far, over 100 suspects have been arrested and waiting to be charged in the court. 
 “We are carrying out targeted operations against criminals who have been terrorizing the city for some time but we have subdued them and many of them have been arrested and will be produced in court any time this week,” Mr Egole added. 

According to the RCC, some suspected criminals armed with machetes, knives, hammers, and antelope horns have been moving around Lira City at night attacking and robbing unsuspecting victims.
“The people who sent urine to me are actually agents of those criminals who are trying to intimidate us. So, whoever is behind it is wasting their time and we are not going to be derailed. The crime rate which was high around December last year has reduced if you go and find statistics from police,” he added. 


The North Kyoga regional police spokesperson, Mr James Ekaju, said they have taken over the case and are carrying out investigations to identify the suspects who packed the urine bottles as a consignment to Mr Egole. 
He also thinks this is the work of suspected criminals who are not happy with the ongoing police and army operations to rid the city of criminals.