Relief as part of Shs2b Kamuli office block is completed

Wednesday April 21 2021

Okello Complex, the new Kamuli District administration block, houses the production department. PHOTO | SAM CALEB OPIO

By Sam Caleb Opio

Staff of Kamuli District Local Government on Monday jubilated as they witnessed the opening of the first phase of the Shs2b administration complex, whose construction had stalled for 12 years.

Mr Grace Mulondo, the district engineer, said in 2009, the then chief administrative officer, Mr Charles Okello, initiated the construction of the block to improve accessibility, efficiency and supervision of civil servants.

While opening the Okello Complex, Mr Andrew Mawejje, the chief administrative officer, said the project was a testimony that with focus, political will and cooperation, development can be achieved.

“We are here to share the joy, relief and new dawn of ownership which also marks the critical public service performance matrix of closer supervision, monitoring, coordination and evaluation which hasn’t been easy when staff and offices are scattered,” he said.

Mr Mawejje said they saved, reduced costs, sacrificed and prioritised office space to build the complex.

He said the old administration block was in a bushy area and in an insecure environment.


Works had stalled between 2015 and 2019 due to lack of funds until the end of last year when Mr Mawejje sourced for Shs230m for sectional completion of the office.

Mr Mawejje said their next focus is to get Shs200m to complete works on the ground floor and later the upper floor, which houses conference halls, secretarial bureaus and service centres.


Mr Thomas Kategere, the outgoing district chairman, described the development as the best contribution of his regime to the people of Kamuli.

Mr Peter Erisu, the deputy chief administrative officer, said the most urgent need in the new block is toilet facilities.

During the groundbreaking of the complex in 2015, President Museveni pledged Shs100m and later, another Shs100m, which has not yet been delivered.

Mr Robert Mutemo, the Resident District Commissioner, said he will remind the President on the pledge.

“This is in line with the President’s manifesto of securing the future through effective service delivery; just give me the write-up and I shall follow up on these pledges,” Mr Mutemo said.