Sex for jobs: Museveni vows action against govt officials

President Museveni. PGHOTO/FILE/COURTESY

What you need to know:

  • According to President Museveni, security agencies should also be put in the line of punishment for letting “banished crime prevail.”
  • President also warns authorities in government-aided institutions against charging school fees. 

President Museveni has vowed "mega action" against government officials after allegations grew- that top public servants are involved in corrupt job scheming.

“I have heard of girls being exploited sexually as bribe for jobs. Devoted members of the public, get evidence and we expunge and roast those pigs- and jail them in Luzira since it has abundant space for criminals,” Mr Museveni said on Thursday.

Official government data suggests that about 72 per cent of Uganda’s over 44million population are aged under 35, amidst high levels of unemployment, which predisposes the youthful to inducement for jobs and high risks of employment fraud.

“I have heard the bazzukulu (grandchildren) crying about the District Service Commissions selling local government jobs. Obtain evidence and we jail these swines in Luzira since there’s abundant space for criminals,” Mr Museveni, 78, emphasized.

Additionally, a spotlight has long-existed on several Ugandan government agencies where sectarianism is a perceived preference for job acquisition.

On Thursday, Mr Museveni used his economy-dominated speech to underline that he “believes sectarianism is both a criminal and electoral offence.”

“Somebody can lose his office if it is proved that he or she assumed a position through sectarian channels. That poison should be eliminated,” Museveni remarked at an event to celebrate 37 years since the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party came to power.  

According to Mr Museveni, security agencies should also be put in the line of punishment for letting “banished crime prevail.”

“The police, DISOs and CIDs should also be on notice. How does such corruption go on in your area and you don’t know or report,” he told a mass gathering in Kakuiro District, mid-western Uganda.

‘Stay tuned’

In 2018, Uganda scrapped school fees payment in government-aided learning institutions but non-compliance to the directive partially accounts for the country’s 64 per cent dropout rate at secondary school level, according to Mr Museveni.

“That’s not acceptable. Some head teachers have continuously disregarded our directive but I can assure you that we are going to wage a serious war against them. Stay tuned. You will hear what we shall tell you in a few weeks. Corruption shall be stamped out,” Mr Museveni said.

The revolutionary leader of the East African nation further guided that government must provide free education in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions since many families cannot yet afford educating children.

He concluded his NRM Liberation Day address warning to get after people degrading the environment.  

“I want you to know that the most important thing for us all is the environment. Interfering with the environment is an act of grave enmity to our country,” he observed.  

Museveni's 2023 NRM Liberation Day speech


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