Speaker Kadaga directs MPs on delayed bills

Tuesday February 23 2021

Speaker parliament of Uganda Rebecca Kadaga. PHOTO/COURTESY.

By Damali Mukhaye

The Speaker of Parliament, Ms Rebecca Kadaga, has castigated various committees of Parliament for failing to complete discussion of various Bills under their custody, a few weeks to the expiration of the 10th Parliament.

Ms Kadaga while speaking on the floor of Parliament last week said it has caught her attention that a number of bills have over stayed in sectorial committees beyond 48 days.
She said according to Rule 21 under Rule of Proceedings, a Bill is slated to spend only 48 days in the committee.

“I am aware that part of the time, members were engaged in democratic process but never-the-less, we need to pull our socks up and ensure that this work is done as soon as possible,”Ms Kadaga said.

Some of the delayed Bills include the Succession Amendment Bill (2019), National Health Insurance Scheme (2019), Indian Water Transport Bill (2020), Leadership Code Amendment Bill, Employment Amendment Bill, National Climate Change Bill, Estates of Missing Persons Management Bill, and Administration Generals Amendment Bill. 

The works of the current 10th Parliament is slated to end in May when the new MPs, who were elected last month, will assume office after swearing-in.

It might be impossible for the house to be able to pass all the Bills in shelf given the left time.
Some MPs, especially those who lost elections, have not shown up to Parliament since the polls.
In a press conference last week, the Uganda Women Parliamentary Association tasked the 10th Parliament to fast-track the gender Bills before they hand over to the 11th Parliament.


According to the treasurer of the Association, Ms  Dorothy Kabaraitsya (Kamwenge Woman MP), the gender Bills including Sexual Offence Bill 2019, Succession Amendment Bill, Marriage and Divorce Bill, and Employment Amendment Bill are still in shelf.

She attributed the failure by the 10th Parliament to pass these laws on a low number of women in Parliament versus their male counterparts.

“The 10th Parliament should fasten the process of passing the gender laws and the President should be able to ascend to the gender laws. This will increase the participation of women in decision making in this country,” Ms Kabaraitsya said.