Traffic police receive 20 patrol motorcycles

Wednesday October 13 2021

Some of the first-ever traffic police bikes manufactured in Uganda by the Nile Fishing company. Photo | Eve Muganga

By Eve Muganga

Police have received the first batch of 20 YBRG 125cc patrol bikes to help improve monitoring security in the area.

The motorbikes are the first of their kind produced in Uganda by Nile fishing company, producers of Yamaha products outside Kampala.

This is also the first batch of 20 of the 70 patrol bikes ordered by the government. Handing them over, the Deputy Kampala Metropolitan traffic commander, Mr Israel Wambesyo urged the constables to use them properly.

For his part, the Nile fishing company Managing Director, Mr Christopher Saazi, has appealed to the government to give them a tax holiday to help them expand their operations.

“Assembling these bikes has taken us at least seven months. It hasn’t been easy because we kept on changing designs until we came up with exactly what our users needed and we are sure that what we have produced is of good quality. It’s a durable motorcycle and it’s going to reduce on the money which government has been spending on importing traffic motorcycles,” he said.

“We have materials here but not of good quality and importing the best is expensive due to the tax imposed on them. Therefore, we call upon the government to give us a tax holiday so that we can increase production,” he added.


The second batch of other 20 bikes is expected to be produced this week on Friday, and the remaining batch of 30 shall be completed by end of next week, according to Mr Saazi.