Uganda criminalises homosexuality again  

Anti-Homosexual activists march on the streets of Kampala carrying placards on August 11, 2014 to demonstrate against the recently annulled Anti-Gay law by Ugandas constitutional court. AFP / Isaac Kasamani 

What you need to know:

  • The new legislation also bans prostitution, which is already criminalised under the Penal Code Act, ostensibly in order to protect family unity and values.
  • Clause 6 of the Bill proposes that indecent communication where a person by whatever means send material of a sexual nature to another person without the consent of that other person be fined three hundred currency cents (shs6 million) or be imprisoned for seven years or both.

Uganda has for the second time within seven years criminalised gay sex and this time imposed a 10-year jail term for convicts.
The new offence and penalties were contained in the report of the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee presented to the House, and Members of Parliament scrutinising provisions of the Sexual Offences Bill, 2019, passed them on May 3.


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