ULC boss explains drama at Land Commission offices

The chairperson of Uganda Land Commission, Ms  Beatrice Byenkya. Photo | File

The Uganda Land Commission (ULC)boss, Ms Beatrice Byenkya Nyakaisiki, yesterday said she didn’t instruct anyone to obstruct justice because she wasn’t around at the time the incident happened.  NTV Uganda’s senior reporter Francis Jjingo interviewed her about the raid by IGG personnel at the ULC on Tuesday.  Below is the verbatim

“On Tuesday, some officers from the Inspectorate of Government, I want to read their names, Mr Michael Tumukurate, the Principal Inspectorate officer, Mr Daniel Sserunjogi, (but he didn’t come). Mr Teberinda Zacharias, the Inspectorate officer, and Superintendent of Police Akello Doreen, came to my office at 11:10am. They said they came as part of the anti-corruption team from the office of the IGG and there were some files that they want from my office and that they wanted to explain and take me through.

 I told them that they had come when I was going for a press conference and then Zakarias Teberinda said they could have the search after I  have held the press conference. And I said no.

After the press conference I had some engagements. And one of them was to have an interface with my lawyers. You know I am in court, I had to go on. So Mr Tumukurate, I think that was the name, said ‘madam, you should show minimum cooperation. We are here. We don’t even tell people when we are coming. We just land.’

Then I said ok. That isn’t bad. In order to show minimum cooperation, I am unable to remain with you, the Under Secretary of the Commission is that one who brought you in, Mr Mugulusi. Let us call the senior accountant, Mr Enwau, to be with you and the acting secretary to come in and be around with my security.

Then I walked out.  I wished them well and went for the press conference. I held the press and ended it. I didn’t go back to my office. I went away. Security remained.

Later, after 45 minutes, I heard there was a squabble and what I am seeing in some press reports is that the men were hooded. And it is intimating that it is me, Byenkya Beatrice Nyakaisiki, because these are my surveillance people, that I instructed them to obstruct justice. And that is the impression being given. I want to be on record.

One, I am a senior citizen of this country and one of the law abiding. And there is no way I would have wished to do such a thing.

I cooperated and left the office. And the key is with them, by the way. There is no way I can instruct my security detail to obstruct justice. Whatever happened, I don’t know because each side has its own story.

However, Uganda Land Commission has CCTV cameras. They can use them. They can use the footage and find out what really happened. My security detail is never hooded but they put on the VIP (gadgets) and masks. They weren’t hooded and they are known officers to the Commission.

I want to clear the air that I am law-abiding. I didn’t obstruct justice and as I speak, those officers have recorded statements. I think in the presence of the IGG officials, they have made their statements.

The search was carried out. These are the files they claim they wanted. The Nakayima site at Katale, Kajjansi Forest Reserve, National Forest Authority (NFA) land U24A to 40A. Then land at Muvo, then there is Nabisunsa Girls files and land at Kikandwa. They also wanted a report of some illegal recruitment of staff at my office.

The files they managed to find at my office was Nabisunsa Girls file and then one of NFA land plot 24A, 40A, and they were with me because I was supposed to make a report. The first I interfaced with the IGG I was requested to bring some documents relating to those two files.

And some of the information I will not divulge now, I will tell you at an opportune time why those files are needed. It is something all of us know. Even the commissioners know, but I will not divulge it.

Is there most interest?

There is some interest. There is some personal interest as far as those files are concerned. But I am supposed to report on them.

The other paper work, they didn’t find them. However, they managed to take some duplicate inspection files that were in my custody.

That is what they wanted. This business of saying my officers came and ran away with the files, is not true.

Then who took away the files?

They took the files they wanted, and other paper work. But they want to create an impression that I obstructed justice and two, that I am not straight. There is some information that  I want to hide  some things and that is why I sent my security details to steal files. I find that very childish.

 I feel I am being abused, by the way…. Beatrice Byenkya, who has been here, how can I do such things? I am not that type. I feel I am being abused, my intellect, and the way I purport myself. In Luganda Bakiyita kuvuma Banvumye… “


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