Utamu develops software for tracking criminals

Tuesday September 28 2021

The application(App) will help police in identifying suspects of crime. PHOTO/COURTESY

By Jessica Sabano

The Uganda Technology and Management University (Utamu) says it will soon release a software which government can use to reduce crimes.

Speaking at the 6th graduation ceremony on Friday, Prof Venansius Baryamureeba, the board chairperson of Utamu, said their graduates would help police and telecom companies trace people involved in criminal activities.

“Crime in Uganda is too high. The students who have graduated in computer security and forensics in this era of Covid-19 will help government in reducing crime in the country,” he said.

Asked how the technology works, he said if someone is suspected to have committed a crime somewhere, they get the person’s DNA and place it on their system, which works with google maps and it is able to trace the person’s movements and if the suspect was involved in the crime, it will show the exact time the crime happened and where the person stood.

On how to detect the part played by a suspect in a criminal act, Prof Baryamureeba said their technology just places the suspect at the scene of crime, but does not show the act the person played. 

“It will help exonerate innocent suspects and reduce congestion in police and prisons,’’ he said.
Number of graduates
Last Friday, Utamu held its graduation ceremony at the Uganda Industrial Research Institute, Namanve campus, with 250 graduands getting Master’s, Bachelor’s degrees and Diplomas in Computer Security and Forensics, Business Administration, Information Technology, and Oil and Gas, among others.


The vice chancellor of Utamu, Prof Zake Muwanga, appealed to the graduands to embrace higher ideals of entrepreneurship and maintain professionalism. 

The Chancellor, Mr Patrick Bitature, advised graduands to develop the right attitude towards work.
 “Always feel you are a worthy person that really matters to your community and country,” Mr Bitature said, before warning them against greed.

“Believe in yourself and have dreams of prosperity and reality, make your own dreams and chase them,” he added.