Must Africans be treated as idiots before getting food?

Author: Alan Tacca. PHOTO/FILE

What you need to know:

  • Today, we have a paradoxical situation. A circle of Russian barbarians seems to think that modern Africans are idiots.

Those who seriously think that there is a dweller in heaven who has trillions of giga units of magical power and can make anything by fiat must answer this one: How can a God with such power create Africans, unless He is full of malice?

Expressed differently, how could a loving God permit all the variable factors that converged and conspired to create today’s Africans?

As God’s dog, I can vouch for Him that He cannot be held responsible, because He does not have the power deluded do-gooders and plain con men say He has; power they claim they are ordained or anointed to tap into for the benefit of their innocent followers.

Maybe it was the smarter groups of modern humans who left Africa some 100,000 years ago, spread north and eastwards and decimated the Neanderthals and other early hominids, leaving their less endowed kinsfolk in the African jungle.

I really don’t know. What I see is this wretched primate called the 21st Century African, in whose fate

I am also sealed. For even as God’s dog, I am a slave.

Up to 200 years ago, ships sailed with chained Africans to be traded as slaves in the Western world. Others were shipped to the Arabs.

Degradation, disease and untimely death were natural experiences among the African slaves. 

Descendants of their prehistoric ancestors, who had migrated out of Africa and had through many generations gradually turned pinkish white and reddish brown in complexion, were now their cynical masters.

I repeat, it is pinkish white (or White) descendants of migrant Ancient Africans who enslaved 16th to 19th Century Africans on an industrial scale in the West. 
And it was reddish brown descendants of ancient Africans who did the same in the East.

In anthropological terms, all these creatures in the master-slave drama I am referring to are classified as modern man. In all their monstrous barbarism and their humanity, they are part of modern man.

Hundreds of years ago, therefore, barbarians in the West enslaved modern Africans because they thought their skin colour and their low level of development (in Western terms) designated them as slave material.

Today, we have a paradoxical situation. A circle of Russian barbarians seems to think that modern Africans are idiots. I will explain.

With the most chilling cold-bloodedness, in very deliberate (slow) motion, and in a 21st Century world that was still reeling in the effects of Covid-19, Russia’s Vladimir Putin attacked Ukraine and even had the cheek to declare that it was a crime to call his invasion an invasion, or a war.

Not to be enraged by Putin is to be a beast. But because we Africans have become so degraded by the descendants of our ancestors who inhabited other nations, and we have become further degraded by our own rulers who have treated us like rats, it is understandable that Putin and his cohorts have composed a grade of rubbish that they can only sell to Africans; or, at least, to selected Africans. 

It is the thesis that Ukraine is an evil fascist State that deserved to be invaded, occupied and corrected, and that the West is responsible for the consequent global economic and food crisis because it has supported Ukraine to fight on.

If we deserved to be slaves of the West hundreds of years ago because we were Black, Russia now thinks we can buy any crap because we are idiots. And Putin’s madness cannot be because of a loving God’s handiwork.

Mr Alan Tacca is a novelist, socio-political commentator.
[email protected]


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