Today’s foreign-motivated agenda of Africa’s democratization is similar to past colonization

Author, Raymond Mugisha. PHOTO/COURTESY

What you need to know:

Needless to say, some European men and women made great personal sacrifices in positively impacting African society, and did not display other motives apart from serving communities where they went

A common creed of rationalization that graced the colonization of Africa was that the colonizer was extending a favor of civilizing a dark continent. This is besides the fact that in some instances, there was a competition between the colonizing nations for control of African territory, in a fashion that would imply that the colonizers envisaged a prize in the opportunity to civilize the continent. It is also even though in some cases, this civilization was extended to African communities by military force. It would thus also imply that colonizers were ready to go to a great extent to do good to African communities, even if it took exposing their forces and other resources to harm and also devastating some of the African communities. Let me cite a peculiar case of a colonizer’s display of passion towards civilizing one of the communities in the northern part of present-day Uganda at the turn of the last century.


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