Who will still be logged in when data tax kicks in?

Angella Nampewo

What you need to know:

It is my hope that if this amendment passes, it will not result in many unintended consequences in unforeseen areas because if there is an extra Shs120 on top of the cost of every 100MBs, some people might really think hard about whether or not they need to be online and for how long, meaning that whichever business was hoping that these guys would be hanging around online waiting to buy and sell or even consume information might be left a few shillings short.

For a few days leading to and after the presidential election this January, the online citizens had their activities suspended by the State in an internet shutdown. Initially, the smart ones thought they could circumvent the long arm of government by using virtual private networks (VPN) but the State responded with fire, bringing everything to a halt and effectively demonstrating who was boss in the situation. 


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