Get vaccinated to have full reopening of economy

Friday September 24 2021

A health worker administers a Covid-19 jab to a teacher during the mass vaccination exercise at Kololo airstrip in Kampala on June 2. The government has insisted on having at least 65 per cent of the teachers and non-teaching staff vaccinated before the schools reopen. Photo | Abubaker Lubowa


In his Wednesday address to the nation on Covid-19, President Museveni further eased the lockdown on some sectors.

Some of them include places of worship, which were allowed a maximum number of 200 worshipers per service, casinos, gaming, betting shops, and gyms reopened during day and weekly communal markets.

Likewise, some institutions of learning were mentioned but their reopening will be in a phased manner.

This will see tertiary institutions like universities, technical colleges; reopening effective November 1 with the rest of the institutions (primary and secondary schools), reopening in January next year.

On the other  hand, certain sectors of the economy like bars, concerts, discos, performing artistes, and beaches remained under lockdown.

The head of State explained that the aforementioned can only reopen when the vulnerable group of 4.8 million people (teachers, security, elderly, and those below 50 years but with comorbidities), have all been vaccinated.


He estimated that this exercise could be complete by end of December this year.
Of course, so many families under the aforementioned categories continue to suffer the effects of having their businesses closed for about two years now.

So, if we are to have them also get back to work, we need to collectively mobilise and get vaccinated as soon as possible.
The vaccination is also for our very own good. Incase one gets infected, the degree of severeness will be lowered.

Its against this backdrop that Mr Museveni dared the District Health Officers (DHOs), Chief Administrative Officers (CAOs) and the Resident District Commissioners (RDCs) to ensure that they massively mobilise people in theirjurisdictions to get vaccinated.

He warned the aforementioned categories of officials that that they risk losing theirjobs should the Covid-19 doses expire in their respective districts.

This is because there are more than 67,000 doses that are due to expire at the end of this month. 

The warning by the President to fire the concerned officers should the much-needed Covid-19 doses expire and be wasted and yet the full re-opening of the economy now hinges on vaccination should be taken seriously.

To the RDCs, CAOs, and DHOs, this is not the time to sleep on the job, let’s ensure that we mobilise the masses to get vaccinated.

Equally, let’s play our part as responsible citizens, ignore the myths around vaccination and head to the vaccination centres for the full reopening of our economy.