Let’s use Martyrs’ fete to pray for our nation

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The issue: Martyr’s Day celebrations.

Our view: The Bible says that certain challenges won’t go away until we pray and fast.  Now is the right time to pray for God’s intervention in our land.

Today, hundreds of thousands or even millions of faithful within and outside the country throng Namugongo in Wakiso District, at both the Catholic and Anglican shrines to commemorate the Martyrs’ Day.

This year’s celebration is very special; happening for the first time in two years following the outbreak of Covid-19 and its induced lockdown. However, the celebrations come at the time when the country is grappling with several challenges.

The prices of commodities and goods such as fuel, cooking oil, bread and soap, among others, have drastically increased. Fortunate Ugandans who still have sources of income even after the pandemic have to dig deeper into their pockets to be able to afford these items. Those out of employment are at the mercy of well-wishers.

On the other hand, school dues have also been hiked to meet the current high cost of living. Parents and guardians are now pondering their next move.

In the past months, the country has also faced high road carnage that has claimed many lives, high refugee influx from the neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) as a result of  the ongoing fighting between Congolese army and M23 rebels. Several insecurity incidents in Karamoja sub-region involving armed warriors and the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) have been reported in the media. These and more challenges have dampened the morale of Ugandans, accelerated their frustrations, depression and contributed to their mental illness.  Many resorted to having suicidal thoughts and domestic violence as they have failed to contain the pressure.

Well, the government has attributed the high commodity prices to the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, and also the full reopening of the economies after close to two years, which they say has triggered high demand for many consumables.

But as we descend on Namugongo today, let’s take off some time to pray for our nation to overcome these trying times.

The Bible says that certain challenges won’t go away until we pray and fast.  Now is the right time to pray for God’s intervention in our land.

The theme for the Catholics during today’s celebration is: “Baptised and sent to witness Christ with love and hope”. For the Anglican Church, the theme is: “Hope beyond affliction”.

 Various religious leaders have warned against irresponsible behaviour among pilgrims.

We urge all pilgrims to ensure they continue to uphold Christ-like virtues and morals throughout the celebrations and avoid engaging in activities whose outcomes will ruin their lives.

From us, Happy Martyrs’ Day!

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