A call to all mothers in power

What you need to know:

It is not true that the Immunisation Act 2017 allows Ministry of Health to adopt Covid’s trial vaccines as part of mass immunisation programmes, because the current immunisation laws are specific

Mothers around the country have enjoyed the right and responsibility to protect their children’s health and education choices, under the constitution as long as they are still minors. However, recently the Ministry of Health announced a move to take mothers right away in order to vaccinate all school going children with a trial vaccine against Covid-19 without parental consent.

The Minister of Health claims that the law under the Immunisation Act of 2017 allows her to do so, when it requires all children to be denied access to schools if they are not immunised against the six killer diseases. However, it is not true that the Immunisation Act 2017 allows Ministry of Health to adopt Covid’s trial vaccines as part of mass immunisation programmes, because the current immunisation laws are specific to:

(a) Limiting mass immunisation to specific killer diseases listed in the law which do not have a cure. If any new disease is to be adopted, it should fit the same criteria of being an incurable disease, unlike Covid-19 which is curable.
(b) Vaccinating of children is strictly limited for the purpose of immunisation, which means that it is illegal for govt to distribute vaccines which do not guarantee immunisation benefits (such as covid vaccines),

(c) Only vaccines, which have passed safety tests and approvals, can be used for mass vaccination. Therefore, since Covid vaccines are still officially regarded as experimental or trial drugs, they are illegal for mass distribution on children, with or without consent, until they pass necessary safety test approvals.
Since the Ministry of Health has confirmed that 12 million adult Ugandans have already participated in taking the trial Covid vaccines, making it the largest drug experiment sample size in Uganda, then there is no need for any further vaccinations until the longterm (10 years) side effects are cleared for safety.

The Minister of Health has further proposed a Public Health Amendment Bill 2021, where she proposes to repeal the Immunisation Act 2017 and the Public Health Act of 1935, by scrapping any legal references in the law to “immunisation” and replacing such references with the term “vaccination”, which many unsuspecting people have wrongly perceived to mean the same thing. 

Vaccination (act of artificially inoculating vaccine into human body) which can be done without the benefit of immunising to protect against infection, like is the case of Covid experimental vaccines, which do not protect anyone from getting infected. While “immunisation” is a broader term that gives purpose and intention to vaccination in order to prevent abuse of vaccines being used for other purposes other than immunity protection from getting infected.

This is, therefore, to appeal to all women and mothers in Parliament, cabinet and other spheres of leadership to rise up to defend the children who cannot defend themselves against the known and unknown risks, side effects of being forced to undertake the experimental covid vaccines, which other nations around the world have restricted to adults only and forbidden the vaccination of children for Covid.

The Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education are already vaccinating children in schools without parental consent using Covid experimental vaccines, which is illegal because it offers no immunisation benefits of protecting children from infection, yet exposes children to risk of adverse unknown side effects which experts, including the inventor of Covid vaccines formula, has warned against. Silence of mothers at such a time as this when children need your protection  the most, shall be regrettable and unfortunate.
 Carol Tugume Ssekandi, A parent                            


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