Cross-border roads great for development

Saturday June 19 2021

President Museveni (right) and his DRC counterpart Felix Tshisekedi at the ground breaking ceremony of the roads at Mpondwe in Kasese District on Wednesday. PHOTO/PPU

By Guest Writer

Ugandans should be happy and proud because this week, President Museveni and President Felix Tshisekedi of Congo commissioned a cross-border road project. Upon completion, Ugandan and DRC traders will move through Uganda and DRC smoothly.  

Also, the security of the two countries, which the enemies have taken advantage of for many years, will also be strengthened since the two countries will work together to protect their territories. 

The East African Community was born as a measure of uniting the people of East Africa beyond borders. However, some people seem to be uncomfortable with working with each other and treating each other with humility.  That’s not only selfishness but a setback to growth of Africa as a continent. 

President Museveni’s goal through the National Resistance Movement party has been to move the entire Ugandan population from the substance farming to commercial farming hence reduce poverty levels and get everyone on board in the money economy. The DRC roads project is yet another attempt to make sure that goal is achieved. The first time a motion was moved in Parliament to have these projects funded, I heard voices opposing it and basing themselves on immature reasons. That thinking is illogical and regrettable.

Social-economic transformation of any country happens when you have right-thinking, patriotic and innovative citizens but not forgetting good neighbours who will not work to fail you but rather give you a green light to move as they also move.

Unfortunately, instead of being innovative, some  Ugandans have resorted to blaming the government and politicising everything with some people going tribal and sectarian.
Sam Orikunda, Deputy RDC, Kitagwenda District.