Data tax is detrimental to the Covid-19 fight

Saturday June 19 2021

New taxes on tele-communication services such as data and airtime are expected to be effected July 1. PHOTO/NET

By Guest Writer

With the prevalence of Covid-19, it is no longer business as usual.  Ordinary things are now done in extra ordinary ways. Physical gathering is substituted by virtual gatherings and business continues.

Traditional classrooms have become virtual on zoom. The increased use of internet for business is now the new norm. This presupposes increased use of internet data.

Amid this strategy to decongest the public, encourage social distancing and avoid physical conduct - conduits of Covid-19 spread, have instituted 12 per cent data tax effective July 1.

This data tax is contrary to the Covid-19 fight. Internet should be accessible and affordable to encourage virtual business.
Robert Aluma Wadri,