Don’t justify evil for selfish reasons

Sunday March 28 2021
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By Guest Writer

Everyone is at least able to distinguish between good and bad or right and wrong, but it is out of sheer objection to truth that one decides to take a course of action contrary to the normal course of events. In 1st Kings 21:1-24, King Ahab of Israel coveted the vineyard belonging to Naboth, the Jezreelite. Naboth’s refusal to let go the vineyard vexed the king. He sulked for Naboth’s vineyard and got the queen’s concern.

The queen made a suggestion to please the king, but it was an evil one. She plotted with the elders and the leaders who lived with Naboth in his city to have him killed. Their evil scheme would not have come to pass without a false accusation, so they falsely accused Naboth of cursing the king and God. The elders and the leaders of this city wanted to please the king and the queen instead of pleasing God. This made them lie even when they knew it was a sin to lie. Sometimes, people commit sin to please those above them. 1st Kings 21:1-14 says: “And it came to pass after these things, that Naboth the Jezreelite had a vineyard, which was in Jezreel, hard by the palace of Ahab, King of Samaria. And Ahab spake unto Naboth, saying, Give me thy vineyard, that I may have it for a garden of herbs, because it is near unto my house:  And I will give thee for it a better vineyard than it;  or, if it seem good to thee, I will give thee the worth of it in money. 
And Naboth said to Ahab: “The Lord forbid it me, that I should give the inheritance of my fathers unto thee. And Ahab came into his house heavy and displeased because of the word, which Naboth the Jezreelite, had spoken to him, for he had said, I will not give thee the inheritance of my fathers.   And he laid him down upon his bed, and turned away his face, and would eat no bread. But Jezebel, his wife, came to him, and said unto him: “Why is thy spirit so sad, that thou eatest no bread?  And he said unto her: “Because I spake unto Naboth, the Jezreelite, and said unto him: “Give me thy vineyard for money;  or else, if it please thee, I will give thee another vineyard for it: And he answered: “I will not give thee my vineyard. And Jezebel his wife said unto him: Dost thou now govern the kingdom of Israel?  Arise, and eat bread, and let thine heart be merry. I will give thee the vineyard of Naboth the Jezreelite.  

So she wrote letters in Ahab’s name, and sealed them with his seal, and sent the letters unto the elders and to the nobles that were in his city, dwelling with Naboth.   And she wrote in the letters, saying, Proclaim a fast, and set Naboth on high among the people:  And set two men, sons of Belial, before him, to bear witness against him, saying, Thou didst blaspheme God and the king.   

And then carry him out, and stone him, that he may die.  And the men of his city, even the elders and the nobles who were the inhabitants in his city, did as Jezebel had sent unto them, and as it was written in the letters which she had sent unto them.  They proclaimed a fast, and set Naboth on high among the people. And there came in two men, children of Belial, and sat before him:  and the men of Belial witnessed against him, even against Naboth, in the presence of the people, saying, Naboth did blaspheme God and the king. 

Then they carried him forth out of the city, and stoned him with stones, that he died.  Then they sent to Jezebel, saying, Naboth is stoned, and is dead.” As soon as Jezebel heard that Naboth had been stoned, she told her husband to take possession of the vineyard. 

John Owor,