It’s time to crack whip on Parliament expenditure

Saturday April 03 2021

The Parliament building. PHOTO/FILE

By Guest Writer

In the past few weeks, Parliament and the media has witnessed a cut throat campaign for the position of Speaker of Parliament that pits current Speaker Rebecca Kadaga against her deputy Jacob Oulanyah.

Although the race has  more hopefuls like Forum for Democratic Change’s  Ibrahim semujju Nganda and others, all the attention has been centred around the two “elephants”.

This has led to some unbelievable utterances as each tries to win the majority vote. But what is the justification for the bitter scramble for the position? Many experts have tied it down to the lucrative benefits that come with the position of Speaker with some estimating the Speaker’s office budget for foreign travel to be a hefty sum. Therefore, foreign trips for the Members of Parliament are at the discretion of the Speaker, which makes it an ugly fight in a do or die race for the office.

Its also common knowledge to many how former Tanzanian president  John Pombe Magufuli initiated a war against unnecessary public expenditure that saved the country millions of tax payers’ money. Why doesn’t  

President Museveni also crack the whip and save the tax payers this wastage of resources. 
Does the Speaker for example have to attend the Uganda North American Association convention in Miami, USA?  Members of Parliament and the speakership are  supposed to be a duty to serve. Parliament must style up...