Mak’s right to scrap some courses

Saturday April 03 2021

Prof Barnabas Nawangwe, the Makerere University vice chancellor, speaks during last year's graduation ceremony. PHOTO | FILE

By Guest Writer

Daily Monitor of March 31 reported that Makerere University is phasing out 19 undergraduate courses effective 2021/2022 academic year as one of the ways to transform it into a research-led institution. 

You ask yourself why some courses are on the line-up. For example, Bachelor of Computer Science and Bachelor of Computer Engineering are all the same  but only separated by a few course units. I would suggest they call it Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science to combine the two.

Look at Telecom and Electrical Engineering courses. Why waste space when they seem similar? Just call it Bachelor of Electrical and Telecommunications engineering.

Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, Bachelor of science in Hoticulture, Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Land Use and Management, why waste all this space? What is the difference?
Ettan Abhilash

Well, the world is evolving and so is the job market. University courses must be tailored to the changing market needs. Any given course should be able to equip a graduate to thrive in almost any environment.  Some of the courses listed among those to be scrapped were truly underwhelming . They looked good on paper but had no real market value.  I  totally support this move.
Godwin Lumu