Prayer for Museveni to assent to NSSF Bill

Friday June 11 2021
By Guest Writer

Dear Lord, the Covid-19 pandemic saw a number of people in Uganda lose their jobs, get salary cuts and lose or get financially constrained due to loans from banks and various financial institutions.
In February, the Parliament of Uganda passed the NSSF Bill under clause 10 that grants mid-term access to members that are really facing hardship, to enable members access 20 per cent of their savings. It has been three months and the bill only awaits the assent by the president.
Almighty God, our humble plea and prayer is that you may touch the heart of our beloved president to assent to the NSSF Bill.

Oh Lord, we know that President Museveni has a willing heart but he is being confused by some detractors, we pray for the many voiceless people out there that have attained the age of 45 years and above and are in dire need of some money to help them get a livelihood when they are still strong and energetic. Some have lost jobs and properties, others have been subjected to salary cuts while others have bank loans and the banks are not sympathetic anymore.
Lord, when arguing the case for the economic importance of social security provision, once one gets their 20 per cent it will be ploughed back into the economy, thus depicting, that efficient economies and efficient social security systems can grow hand-in-hand.

Social security is certainly key to long term social and economic development, because the members will invest the money in income generating activities that will take care of his bazzukulu.
Lord, may the President be cognizant of the plight that hispeople are going through. People are discouraged, hurt and are losing hope.Others have died due to pressure as a result of debtors and yet the 20 per cent would have salvaged the situation and given them hope and life.

 In the same way that God has come to the rescue President Museveni many times, we pray that God may come to our rescue through the President assenting of the Bill. We know that our President is a God-fearing person and pray against those detractors that are trying to dissuade him for their own selfish gain. We pray for him to have mercy on us and assent to the Bill. Oh Lord, we also pray that Mama Janet Museveni and Pastor Patience Rwabwogo, being very strong intercessors of our beloved country can join us in praying that President Museveni listens to the cry of his children and saves us from the distress we are faced with. May the good Lord touch the President’s heart to bless us who have been unfortunate as a result of the pandemic.  Hear our cry oh lord!
Concerned NSSF members