Queen Elizabeth II lived and died large

What you need to know:

Queen Elizabeth lived large, though on the backs of poor Britons who, however, never complained about it since her empire made them richer than they were supposed to deservedly be after colonising and plundering other countries, mainly Africa

It is not easy, to sum up, the life and the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Although she had a small physique, she was larger than life.

She was one of the longest-serving monarchs in the UK and the world, with 70 years on the throne. She was married for 73 years. A few can even dream about such a feat and live, let alone living it.

Queen Elizabeth lived large, though on the backs of poor Britons who, however, never complained about it since her empire made them richer than they were supposed to deservedly be after colonising and plundering other countries, mainly Africa. I must state it from the outset. I don’t personally hate the Queen.

She was a human, a lonely dowager after her beloved Philip died. Thus, my views aim to unearth colonisation, double standards, egoism, hypocrisy, and ignorance among others. I thus dissect the Queen as an institution but not a person. I see her as a part of a criminal enterprise that benefited Brits at the expense and suffering of others.

I also am trying to view the other side of the Queen whom many media angelised and lionised. I do this as a goodwill reminder to the perpetrators and victims of their duty and history.

Now, let’s look at how humans sometimes can be crazy by looking at what went on after the death of the Queen. Ask yourself. How much money was spent on 13 truckloads of flowers that were laid at different sites for her commemoration? According to the Al Jazeera (September 11, 2022), 13 truckloads of flowers were cleaned out from Buckingham palace at the material time.

At the time the Queen died, the price of a bouquet of cut flowers in London stood between $20 to $90 (Shs76,389 to Shs343,754). Estimate the bouquet of flowers that were laid at all places for the commemoration of the Queen at half of the price.

How many dollars were burnt by the same people on whose taxes the queen lived? How much reprieve would such money have caused to the victim of colonisation and slavery? Is this environmentally logical or is it just a symbol of extravagance and selfishness? Did she deserve that?

I am sure that if Jesus would come today and die, nothing like this would happen. Why? Because people simply like pomp either out of ignorance or inferiority.  Again, why do Britons care much about the monarch? The answer[s] is simple. The colonisation and enslavement British empire authored and carried out changed Europe’s fate for many years.

Europe has no resources of value except colonisation, hypocrisy, racism, and slavery if I may brutally be honest to you and myself.

After considering the millions spent on flowers, further ask yourself. How much money was spent on her funeral, especially if we remind ourselves that many countries declared public holidays for her? Think again. How much this money would have done to constructively change the lives of disadvantaged people she, her empire, and other colonisers, enslaved, and exploited globally?

Apart from money, think again. How much airtime was devoted to the Queen’s mourning? How many African presidents went to her entombment all flying in first class or presidential jets all paid for by the poor taxpayers who are the victims of the enterprise the queen presided over? To add salt to the injuries, such irresponsible rulers are accompanied by their spouses, courtiers, and eaters for no reason except for self-seeking and celebrating the opportunity colonisation gave them as they aped it. 

The problem for many African rulers is lack of confidence in themselves. Two years ago, Tanzania lost its president. Britain didn’t declare a national mourning day. Neither its head attended the funeral. What are African rulers reciprocating for if at all they have always been viewed as the head prefects of colonies, which they seem to ignorantly enjoy instead of fighting it?

In sum, when you ponder on everything, Remember. The Queen is the person who used to spend public taxes to fly her beloved dogs on private jets everywhere in the world. Again, was the money spent on the Queen? Nope. Britons wanted to showcase and convince the world that monarchy is important. Mark my words.

Monarchy is important for the west but not for the rest. Remember. The same people making us understand and believe in a monarchy are the same ones that killed our kings and queens as they hypocritically kept, maintained, and went on revering theirs.

Nd. Nkwazi Mhango

Mhango is a lifetime member of the Writers’ Alliance of Newfoundland and Labrador (WANL)


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