Response to graft in Lands office

Sunday October 03 2021
By Guest Writer

This is in response to an article published in Sunday Monitor of  September 26, under the headline ‘Minister, Officials admit to corruption in Lands Office.’

The Ministry of Lands, Housing Urban Development takes note of the contents of an article and wants  to clarify as follows:

1.The meeting was called by the Minister of State of Lands to interact and discuss issues relating to efficient and effective land service delivery in the Land Registry.

2.The statement attributed to Mr John Karuhanga, the Ag. Commissioner of Land Registration, that ‘those who bring money ensure that the entire chain gets a portion; so it becomes very hard to reject the money’ are totally false. The commissioner never uttered such words. A record of the minutes of the meeting is available to confirm what was said.

3. On the issues of Simbamanyo, it is not true that several entries were registered within hours as is claimed because the Land Information System (LIS) has inbuilt mechanisms to ensure only registration of a transaction on the basis of first in first out.

4.On the issue of land agents and brokers in the land office, the minister was informed that four (4) Public notices were issued in July 2018 to regulate the brokers involved in land transaction. 
The notices include:


a. Guidelines to registered owners on persons who are authorised to lodge documents;
b. Guidelines to registered owners on authorisation of persons to lodge documents;
c. Guidelines on deposit of documents for registration at the Ministry Zonal Officces (MZOs); and
d. Management of complaints by the Office of Commissioner of Land Registration.

All these measures are still in place and aimed at curbing corruption and bribery. It cannot be the same Office of Titles headed by Commissioner Land Registration to say the contrary as was reported.

Vincent Byendaimira
For Permanent Secretary,
Ministry of Lands Housing & Urban Development