Secure our future from poor service delivery

Saturday May 08 2021
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President Museveni. PHOTO/ FILE

By Guest Writer

Dear Mr President,

I write particularly in regard to your swearing in slated for May 12. I am quite sure that the swearing in will be a success.

However, I am more interested in the catching phrase you used during the presidential campaigns which was,“securing your  future”. 

I want to believe that the word “you” in the phrase means “our”. If my interpretation is correct, then, this is the appropriate time, I expect the best from you.

You have sung the songs of democracy, I humbly request, let democracy be manifested in our country! You have selflessly served us, but service delivery has been consistently suffocated by the fusion of the arms of the government.

Draw the lines between the arms of government.


The country shall benefit a lot and shall make a hefty return from benefits and the citizens will live to thank you forever.

I pray to God to give you enough courage and determination to secure our future against poor service delivery brought about by the fusion of the arms of the government.

Darius Atukunda,