Social media is new superpower

Wednesday January 13 2021
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By Hussein Lumumba Amin

I won’t call this a prophesy. In fact, it is a cold and pragmatic assessment based on repercussions from ongoing developments, and which are leading to key global changes.

 By banning the most powerful man in the world, Twitter has essentially conducted a world coup! Only world leaders are feeling this already, and they have basically now been put on notice that Social media, born as “New Media” at the dawn of the new millennium, is now the “New Power.” And Twitter might have just initiated the collapse of the house of cards of the Old World Order.

Mark my words: That collapse has started. And mysteriously, while Western countries will shout the most, it is Russia that will automatically lose the most. 

They are only big because they are facing the biggest boys as adversaries, but that might now end.

 The German government’s reservations against Twitter’s actions is the clearest indication of their realisation and discomfort that something will never be the same again, and that the world has to learn to live with a new unexpected power centre .

As for the rest of us poor countries, it is time for enjoying our sovereignty and freedom from the old geopolitical interests. 


Hussein Lumumba Amin,