Thanks for highlighting matters of national importance

Monday May 03 2021

Finance Minister Matia Kasaijja. Media houses have in recent days exposed the nation's debt crisis as well as instances of finance-mismanagement. PHOTO/FILE

By Guest Writer

I have read  alot of commentary on the budget estimates and on the  debt that Uganda has accumulated. I do not understand the specifics of the budget process or how we have come to owe so much in debt, but I get the general idea of the position we are in as a country. 

The reason I am writing however,  is to thank the media for bringing such matters of national importance to the forefront for all to see and read about.

If the Daily Monitor and other media houses had not persistently written about our financial state as a country, I for one don’t think I would have known what is going on. This kind of exposure also puts public servants  under public scrutiny and they are therefore more than likely bound to do better at their jobs.

Thank you Daily Monitor and other media,  for being our eyes and ears and  telling us what would otherwise have happened behind ‘closed doors’  if we were not keen enough to follow-up on our own. 

Most of this information is public by law but the way it is packaged does not motivate one to read or watch. So we are glad that you break it down for us                      

Enlightened  reader