Tigray represents a world that lost love for humanity

Members of Tigray police at a checkpoint in the outskirts of Mekele. PHOTO | AFP

What you need to know:

  • The number of casualties created during this war is in hundreds of thousands. Hundreds of thousands are dis- placed as fighting continues to push them out of their homes to flee for dear life. 

The showdown in Tigray is one of the world’s newest civil disobedience. Hell broke loose when Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed decided to prolong his stay at the top job. 

Since November 2020, Ethiopia has been in a brutal war that has done more harm than good. The needless war has created a humanitarian situation where there would not be any.Scores of Ethiopian people have become vulnerable as a result.They are in dire humanitarian need. And sadly, humanitarian aid is not finding a way to the people in need. 

The supply of essential amenities to the affected regions of the country is limited. Indications are that this war has left scores of people dead and many more injured. In fact, the number of casualties created during this war is in hundreds of thousands. Hundreds of thousands are dis- placed as fighting continues to push them out of their homes to flee for dear life. 

Many of them are usually women, children and the elderly ,being the most vulnerable members of the community. So, are forced to settle in a temporary shelter away from their usual home comfort.And are never sure when the madness will end so that people can return home. The impact is that developments that the Ethiopian government spent a lot of money to provide have been destroyed.Buildings continue to be damaged. 

Telecommunication was cut- o during the fighting.Road and air transport are not function- ing.As a result, access to the region is was made difficult. Humanitarian service providers cannot reach needy people with assistance because the transportation of supplies to people is not possible.And this has placed people in the northern part of Ethiopia in a difficult humanitarian situation. 

Aid agencies do not see an end to the war any time soon be- cause the fighting parties are not thinking about peaceful settlement .Either side will use force to win at the expense of peace. So, the vulnerable communities continue to pay the price. 

They will stay away from home and watch helplessly as their livelihoods get shattered. The showdown in Tigray has come at a cost to especially Tigray’s population.It cost farmers their harvests.It has meant that sick people cannot access medical services in hospitals. 

So, like in other parts of the world, war comes to steal, kill and destroy. Many of us are now starting to think that these wars are happening because there is no love anymore.There is no more compassion to mankind. All the events happening in Tigray confirm this lack of love for humanity. The war in South Sudan would be in the past. 

Today, many more countries are at war than ten years ago. And if the leaders of these countries were compassionate, they would have ended the conflicts. For the sake of developments that the governments spent so much money on.For the sake of communities.If they were com- passionate, they would opt for successful negotiations as a way of addressing their differences. The many conflicts in the world would quickly resettled by peace talks. And investigations of war crimes and crimes against humanity would be successfully concluded.But we see investigation reports kept confidential where recommendations are never followed-up. 

The option of war is not viable. Unfortunately, insurgencies are caused and sustained by selfish people. So, we see no love for humanity in the Tigray event. 

We see no love in any war that destroys livelihood of the people. The world must salvage its lost love for humankind. 

Simon J. Mone, 


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