Too many lives are lost due to collapsing buildings

Sunday April 04 2021
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By Guest Writer

I read a story in Daily Monitor of April 2 about two people in Butaleja  who died after a church collapsed on them.  It is said that the structure collapsed  amid heavy rain.
Last month,  part of the  ceiling of  the Fido Dido building in Kampala collapsed during a church service killing two people and injuring many others.

Just this week, part of Arua stadium collapsed. Obviously there have been numerous buildings that have collapsed in the past and lives lost because of this.  I am tired of reading such stories about innocent lives lost because of negligence. 
There are various reasons why buildings collapse  but the main one is  shoddy work.
In a rush to finish a building and cut costs, construction is haphazardly done  with no regard for safety of the end users. 

Since monitoring every building that is being constructed in the country is almost impossible, perhaps the culprits of shoddy work should be given maximum punishment inorder to deter others from doing the same. 
Sometimes the only way people learn is through fear.   
Let’s make it very ‘costly’’ to  do shoddy construction work.

Ty Byakatonda,