Ugandans should solve own problems

Tuesday December 01 2020
By Ivan Munguongeo

My beloved country Uganda, which Winston Churchill named the Pearl of Africa, is a nation naturally endowed with many natural resources and a youthful population.

 We are a people whose strength lies in our ourselves and our diversity. We are hardworking, strong and prayerful people. Our land is largely arable and our minds innovative.

  We have a lot of resources at our disposal, which make us unique. Now with all the resources we have, how did we get to where we are today?

 Uganda is faced with a myriad of challenges, majority of which are governance and leadership-related. We are faced with corruption, high level of unemployment,  poverty and inflation, among others. 

Every time I watch news on television and see how the police and other security agencies are torturing Opposition politicians, I get worried. What happened to democracy and the rule of law in our country?

 The challenges the country faces today have escalated and permeated all spheres of the economy, especially the agriculture sector. Farmers cannot reap big from their hard work because of middlemen who exploit them, lack of incentives, and fluctuation in prices of agricultural produce. 


We are now in election period. The Economic Outlook Group recently warned that the national economy is slowing down and could enter into a recession next year due to the ‘disorienting and distracting events of 2020. Our people are divided along ideological/political parties lines. We should make our collective vision be greater than any division in order to build a better country. No outsider will fix our country other than ourselves. 

Ivan Munguongeo