Vote wisely to avoid hard questions in future

Wednesday January 13 2021
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By Solomon Mugume

Vote wisely to avoid hard questions in future, Tweberemu, unemployment, justice, transparency, accountability, human rights rule of law,  economic empowerment and freedom. 

So I woke up today morning, checked the calendar and the clock to plan for the day. It was 6am January 13, 2067. 

I proceeded to the washroom and to my surprise, when I looked into the mirror, I realised my entire head was grey and my face was wrinkled, a sign of old age. I took a  bath I proceeded to have breakfast. 

I met my wife in the corridor and she reminded me how this very year,  we shall be celebrating our 37th marriage anniversary and it is, there that we both smiled. I realised she is old too, but she still looked pretty beautiful. 

I proceeded to the dining table where  I found my last born who is now preparing to sit his end of year exams together with my two grandchildren debating about the headlines in today’s newspaper.  

The most catchy headlines read: ‘Uganda’s national debt worries experts’; ‘Hundreds of expectant mother’s die due to failure to afford surgical glove and medical requirements’; ‘Thousands of children not attending school due to high cost of education’; Uganda tops list for most corrupt countries  in the world’; and ‘Over 80% of graduates in Uganda are unemployed’;  


So they asked me : “Dad, is this really true, how did we get this far, shall we get jobs after school? My wife and I looked at each other and recalled those days when someone said Tweberemu and people didn’t care, when billions of money were stolen. 

We didn’t care because it was not our personal money. When police brutality was too much and we didn’t care because none of our friends or relatives were victims. When the cost of healthcare was rising and we kept quiet because we could afford it then?

 When there was injustice, we didn’t mind because it was not unleashed on us. Then I recollected myself to give my son and grandchildren a reasonable answer. I said:
“My children, you see in the year 2021...” Then I heard aloud alarm that destructed my attention. I found out that it was my alarm clock. 

Time check, it was 5am. I rushed to the calendar and it was January 13, 2021.

I was not contented so I rushed to the washroom to look into the mirror. I realised that my hair was still black.

Checked my schedules and I had to do one of my final papers at 9am at the Law School. Then I realised that the next day was January 14, 2021, hence I had to cancel all my schedules for that day to go to the village to cast my vote. I realised I needed to do something today to make life better for our children and our children’s children. 

We have the ability to create a better future. I have decided to vote for justice, transparency, accountability, human rights rule of law,  economic empowerment and freedom. 
To avoid disgusting newspaper headlines and questions from the next generation in 2067, let us  vote for good governance.

Solomon Mugume,