Why are there rich and poor people?

According to the Bible, all was at one time darkness and the God said let there be light and there was light. But in reality, you cannot have one without the other. Darkness is the removal of light and light is the removal of darkness.
But why go into all this? It is because a US billionaire has dared to state another truism that in order for there to be a few rich people, there must be many poor ones. In order for there to be prosperous countries, there must be many not so prosperous. 

Well, billionaire Charlie Munger did not quite put it that way, but how else would you interpret the remarks “wealth inequality is the inevitable consequence of policies that make a nation grow richer and elevate the poor.  I think that to some extent, the complaint about the rich getting richer as a result of the Covid-19 panic, I think that’s a misplaced concern. 
“Nobody was trying to make the rich richer. We were trying to save the whole economy under terrible conditions. And I think by and large, we made the most practical decisions that were available to us.” 

He continued: “And if you have a free market system that is trying to get rich in the way recommended by Adam Smith, what happens is that it’s a very irritating system because the poverty that causes so much misery is also causing the growth that makes everybody get out of poverty. In other words, to some extent, it’s a self-correcting system.” So next time you hear complaints that a few people are getting richer as the rest get poorer, remember these remarks.

This brings me to “development aid,” which Uganda and other countries have for decades been receiving without stumbling on any development. We can continue begging for development aid for the next 1,000 years, but it will not get us developed because the ones we run to for aid, have no interest in getting us to develop as inequality is the inevitable consequence for their continued prosperity. 

In fact, all we have got from aid (no not got, but given away) is a licence to the “aid” givers to lecture us on everything - from free elections and “democracy,” to homosexual rights, to female “genital mutilation” (FGM). I think if FGM had been invented in Europe and not practiced here, it would be promoted to us as circumcision is! But that is only my view I suppose.

Concerned citizen,



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