NRM youth fight over Museveni’s money 

Wednesday November 18 2020
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A campaign poster of president Yoweri Museveni who is also the NRM presidential candidate

By Cissy Makumbi

Rowdy youth in Gulu District on Monday evening, fought over President Museveni’s cash, accusing their team leaders of reducing their daily allowance from Shs100,000 to Shs50,000, each.

The fist fight played out on the Main Street and at Cemetery Road all in Gulu City. President Museveni on Monday was campaigning in Gulu City at Watoto Church.
One of the aggrieved youths, Nelson Kalegeya, told Daily Monitor that He was among a group of 20 youth who were ferried from Luwero District to come and cheer ‘Team Museveni’ while speaking to his supporters in Gulu City on Monday.

“We were promised to be paid Shs100,000 per day but to our dismay, we were only given  Shs50,000, something that did not go well with us and in the process of demanding our money, a fight ensured,” Mr Kalegeya said.
“It is absurd that we left our engagements to come this way and be with our party president in his bid to seek another term in office, but the team entrusted to cater for our welfare instead cheated us,” he added.

Ms Kamila Akello, one of the youth leaders, said: “The youth leaders in the district were instead giving money to their friends and leaving out the genuine NRM mobilisers.”
But Mr Justus Okello, a youth leader, associated with the NRM concerned youth,  said the culture of ferrying youth from other regions denies them the chance of fronting their issues to the President.

“Those who fought for the money are the youth from other regions who were ferried to Acholi sub-region and they felt they were very special and wanted special care and when their expectations were not met, they turned violent,”  Mr Okello told Daily Monitor.
Mr James Ocen, the NRM chairperson for Gulu District, said those who were invited for the meeting were given Shs100,000 each.

“Those who fought could be supporters who were not invited. There were only 154 delegates who were invited to attend President Museveni’s rally,” he explained.
Last week, youth in Gulu under the NRM locked the office of the NRM youth chairperson, whom they accused of corruption and supporting Opposition candidates.
They later proceeded to the office of the RDC, Maj Santos Okot Lapolo, and handed to him the keys.