Altona-BSK League: Organisers take drafting races to Wakiso

Friday June 11 2021

Talons’ Paula Nabukeera will have a much needed rest from competition after the Altona-BSK League broke off to allow for drafting of new swimmers. PHOTO/ ISMAIL KEZAALA

By Makhtum Muziransa

Swimmers in the Altona-BSK (British School of Kampala) League have shifted their attention back to training after a gruelling opening month.

The swimmers completed the first of nine league editions last Friday, which Talons won with 878 total points, after bouncing back to win the breaststroke round 524-328 a week after Colts (669 total points) had won the backstroke leg 110-103.

The host school has suspended activities for at least two weeks to disinfect the premises as government closed education institutions for the foreseeable future in a bid to curb the spread of the second wave of Covid-19.

However, the organizers of the commercially rewarding league, have sensed an opportunity to spread wings and also give new entrants a chance to ease through the process before they can start competing in the league held every Friday between the two teams Talons and Colts.

“We have been contacted by swimmers from other clubs who would like to be drafted into the league,” coach Erick Kisero, said.

Altona have secured space at Joy Centre Wakiso, where the six-lane 25m pool can help them take care of the second episode.


“Rather than throw new swimmers into competition directly, I think we can use this time to draft and monitor the new swimmers, show them their teammates. Then we can resume the League when BSK opens,” Kisero explained.

The league expects to have at least 10 new entrants divided into the two teams with some coming from within.
A host of Altona and BSK swimmers were waiting for the next drafting exercise to be grouped too.