Netherlands-based Kyakonye returns to ring after nearly 3 years

Wednesday April 14 2021
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Comeback Act. Pugilist Kyakonye.

By Abdul-Nasser Ssemugabi

Willy Kyakonye, a Ugandan professional heavyweight boxer based in the Netherlands will return to the ring Friday after nearly three years of inaction.
Kyakonye, who lives in Rotterdam, last fought Croatian Mario Jagatic in October 2018, and will entertain Bosnian Haris Gredelj in a four-round contest inside the Hal 4 aan de Maas, Rotterdam.

Since turning pro in March 2017, Kyakonye has fought only twice, winning both fights by knockout and the 2015 African Boxing Championship bronze medalist will hope for a third victory to revive his career.
“I cannot say I’m in the best shape but I’m working hard to be fit for the job,” the 6’6 fighter said on WhatsApp.

Harsh conditions
“The weather is a bit harsh but I can’t afford to lose this opportunity [after a long while].”
Gredelj, who has won three and lost two, won’t have Kyakonye’s ring rust having fought German Ali Kiydin January 30.
He is ranked 14th among 34 heavyweights in Bosnia and Herzegovina, while in the world he is 658th among 1,123.

Kyakonye is among the five Ugandan amateurs who disappeared in Europe before the 2016 World Olympics Qualifiers. 
Like Kyakonye, welterweight Nasser Bukenya went pro in Netherlands; Sulaiman Segawa went to the US, while Atanus Mugerwa and Fazil Juma Kaggwa went silent.