Betting companies plan to diversify amidst tight lockdown

Thursday October 01 2020

Ideas. Dr Nahabwe’s Kagwirawo have an online platform. PHOTO | JB SSENKUBUGE

By Denis Bbosa

The jobs and opportunities lost by numerous betting companies when the national total lockdown set in on March 18 will take long to be recovered.
The presidential directive geared towards closing all betting shops forced many to abandon the manual approach for online services.
“Many companies have gravely been affected forcing us as Kagwirawo Sports betting to enhance our online services,” company CEO Innocent Nahabwe revealed. 
Even then, the online betting services were hampered by the stoppage of many leagues worldwide forcing more betting companies to close shop.
“It is still challenging for some people to bet online because of the language barrier and access to high end phones but then again we can proudly say when you bet online you would have maintained the Covid19 safety guidelines,” he added.
Kagwirawo manager Chris Mabonga assured customers that the company will continue to provide the best odds through their message (SMS and online platforms.)
Back in March, Daily Monitor revealed that betting has grown exponentially in the country since 2000, with 49 licensed operators in 2019 and 60 mobile phone applications. Sports betting has the biggest contribution with 32 licences where 22 operators run retail outlets.
Gaming related tax revenues have grown at an unprecedented rate growing from Shs240m in 2002/03, Shs11.1b in 2013/14 to Shs45b in the Financial Year 2017/18.