Colts survive DQ scare to win third breaststroke leg

Tuesday September 28 2021

Tara Kisawuzi

By Makhtum Muziransa

Talons swimmers felt hard done last Friday when Colts’ captain Tara Kisawuzi won an appeal against a disqualification in the ‘best of four’ swim-off at the third edition of the Altona-BSK (British School of Kampala) League in Muyenga.

Kisawuzi dived before the starter’s whistle in the first 25m breaststroke swim-off against teammate Ethan Kalungi and Talon’s duo Chriton Kato and Abigail Mwagale after the four had led a field of 32 swimmers that competed in the 10 heats on the day the league returned after a two-week hiatus.

But her coach Joshua Lule quickly appealed claiming “the fans blew the first whistle.” Fortunately, the opposing coach Musa Galabuzi did not put a counter-argument and agreed to the tribunal’s decision to have the race re-done.

Kisawuzi quickly capitalised on the second chance to eliminate Kato, who insisted the leading swimmer in the competition with 580 individual points should have walked for the false start.

Kisawuzi, who struggled to get to her 17.8 seconds breaststroke personal best (PB) recorded in the second edition in August, then eliminated her own tiring teammate Kalungi.

But she saved the best for the last to beat Mwagale to the wall in the final swim-off. Both swimmer had felt the pressure from the start of the event, thanks to the cheering that welcomed their face-off in the heats, and hardly got to their PBs in all attempts. 


However, both swimmers agreed to a chance to swim individually and beat their PB for an instant Shs20,000 reward. Mwagale managed to become the first swimmer to cash in this season as she lowered her time from 18.9 to 18.72. 

The bigger and cumulative cash awards will come at the end of the season in December.

Kisawuzi saves best for team

Meanwhile, Kisawuzi struggled but saved enough energy to help her team win the 8x25m relay and scoop 80 points. 

Colts therefore carried the day with 257 points to Talons’ 173.

“It could have been even better if we had Elijah (Wamala) but he had family issues that kept him away,” Lule said after the rare back-to-back win for his team that went into the break having claimed the backstroke round on September 10.

Galabuzi has called on his troops to “return to winning ways and widen the gap in the freestyle leg” this week.

Individual Leaderboard

1.Tara Kisawuzi     Colts 580 

2.Abigail Mwagale     Talons 536 

3.Paula Nabukeera     Talons 278 

4.Chriton Kato             Talons 255 

5.Sonia Mwere             Talons 196

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