Jjagwe eager to increase numbers in table tennis

Thursday June 10 2021

Aiming Higher: Uganda Table Tennis Association president Robert Jjagwe. PHOTO/REGINNA NALUJJA

By Regina Nalujja

After being elected the East African regional head, Robert Jjagwe the Uganda Table Tennis Association (UTTA) president has vowed to increase numbers in the sport.

“We are determined to increase numbers through promoting table tennis in both secondary and primary schools as well as among the local communities,” he said

“So far we have at least 7000 players here in Uganda. I want to make more than 1000 players in the next few months. I have always advocated for numbers in the sport and my fellow African leaders have known me for that. I hope to extend the same to other African countries,” Jjagwe told Daily Monitor.

Jjagwe will be in charge of table tennis in 12 countries including Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Comoros, Madagascar, Mauritius, Sudan, South Sudan, Rwanda, Eritrea, Djibouti and Somalia.

He is glad that the UTTA has started manufacturing its own tables and the first of its kind will soon be launched.

“Rackets and balls can be easily accessed but tables are expensive. A table goes for at least Sh1m yet the one we have manufactured will go for Sh700, 000. More of these will be manufactured and this will also help to increase numbers in the sport,” he said.


Jjagwe has also vowed to effectively use the funding from the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) in the most befitting way.

“We expect funding from the governing body. However, in the bid to develop the game, we have to cut irrelevant expenses like travel and focus on game development,” he said.