Monday February 20 2012

Kayihura backs soldiers presence in police force

Gen. Kayihura

Gen. Kayihura 

By John A. Emojong

The government is incorporating the army into the police to build capacity and enable the Force deal with riots, terrorism and insurgency, the Inspector General of Police Lt. Gen. Kale Kayihura has said.

Gen. Kayihura said whereas Ugandans were complaining that government was militarising the police by appointing generals like himself as IGP and others in different positions, the force in neighbouring Rwanda is full of the army.

Speaking during a one-day dialogue about causes of poor academic performance in Tororo District last week, Gen. Kayihura also cited Kenya where he said the former IGP, Hussein Ali was a major general and Dubai also has a Lieutenant general.

The police chief said currently the police force stands at 43,000 but that capacity will continue to be built to raise the numbers to a realistic figure that can handle different situations at any one given time.

Tororo Resident District Commissioner Ddamulira Kyeyune requested the IGP to consider integrating the Special Police Constables, who are attached to the police, into a regular police force to boost the numbers because their services are essential.

Meanwhile, Gen. Kayihura has created Bukedi region, carved out of the current eastern region, to bring services nearer to residents.

The new region comprises districts in the former Bukedi and its headquarters will be in Tororo.

Gen. Kayihura also said all sub-county police posts would be elevated to police stations and headed by graduates from the rank of Assistant Superintendent of Police.

“I am still looking for a suitable regional police commander for the new region,” he said.

Gen. Kayihura also said sniffer dogs would brought to the region and warned that the dog services must be free, adding that a police officer who charges anybody for the services will be arrested.

Responding to complaints that police always give excuses of transporting the dogs, Gen. Kayihura said the police now have enough transport.