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Lexus RX is a luxurious, comfortable Crossover

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Lately, the newer the year of manufacture, the higher the cost of the car. The Lexus RX costs Shs220m. PHOTO/Roland D. Nasasira

When you first see Asad Lire’s Lexus RX 2022 model, you may quickly mistake it for a Toyota Harrier. You, however, would not be wrong because aesthetically, the two models have the same shape. Even though both are manufactured by Toyota, the RX differs from the Harrier because it is more luxurious, even though they are both five-seater Crossovers.

One of the most loved features of the RX is the F-Sport, which allows those seeking the thrill of driving fast to enjoy sporty drives. The sporty element means that it comes with additional performance features compared to the ordinary Toyota Harrier.

According to, Lexus F began as a subdivision of Lexus to produce high-performance vehicles that are specifically designed to provide optimal performance on the track. The F in F Sport is associated with the Fuji speedway in Japan where Lexus puts its performance vehicles to the test.

“Lexus F vehicles offer the utmost level of performance, but if you are looking for a ride that bridges the gap between a standard Lexus vehicle and a true Lexus F vehicle, then F Sport is what you should go for. F Sport provides the perfect balance between luxury and sporty to take your lake-worth drives to the next level. If you like a bit of flair on your commute, upgrade to a Lexus F Sport model today,” the portal states.


Apart from the sporty feature, the Lexus RX’s interior is a beautiful blend of black and red well-spread trims, from the seats to the headrests and the dashboard area. It also features a panoramic sunroof, and a full leather-coated interior, including the steering wheel, among other parts.

On the dashboard, you get a 9.8-inch smart screen for infotainment. You also get to connect and control your phone from the smart screen to avoid phone-driving, a dangerous driving habit where you hold your phone in your hands that is synonymous with diverting your attention on the road and causing road crashes.

As most modern-day cars, the music output of the Lexus RX through its speakers does not require additional external speakers, for it is well amplified. Each door has a speaker, on top of an extra two speakers evenly distributed in the trunk area. Unlike cars with soft seats where you sit and sink in, those of the Lexus RX are neither hard, nor soft, but comfortable enough for long-distance drives. This is because soft cushion seats tend to make drivers feel tired over long stretches.


Under the aerodynamic bonnet that cuts across through all kinds of winds, the Lexus RX runs on a 308-horsepower hybrid 3500cc V6 engine that gives you approximately six to eight kilometres per litre of fuel for urban drives, and approximately 12km per litre for highway drives.   

On the dashboard, the indicators are on the left side of the steering wheel, while the wipers are on the left, making it somewhat typical of a European car. Lexus mostly targets the American market compared to any other country where the positioning of these features changes from those of most Japanese cars whose indicator knob is on the right and wiper knob on the left.  


The car comes with 21-inch wheels and small but bright light-emitting diode (LED) lights, with automatic daytime running lights (DRL). However, if you are the kind of motorist who likes shortcuts, is impatient in traffic jams, drives in small spaces or does not create space between your car and the one ahead, you risk losing your lights to reckless motorcyclists and motorists since the rear and headlights somewhat protrude out of the car body.

You have to watch your driving behaviour since the cost of replacing a headlight ranges between Shs800,000 to Shs1.5m, depending on where you buy it. However, the Lexus RX remains a reliable and inoffensive choice for its class. Its ground clearance allows you to drive through Kampala’s potholed roads comfortably.

“The inclusion of six different variations, including hybrid options and the F Sport package, caters for a wide range of preferences and user needs, allowing motorists to customise their RX experience,” Asad says.


Despite its relatively low fuel economy, Asad says the RX still faces challenges with outdated technology features such as the low-quality backup camera and the inclusion of a CD player, which may deter some buyers looking for more modern amenities. Fortunately, the upcoming fifth-generation RX and new Lexus sport utility vehicle lineup are set to address these drawbacks, promising improvements in infotainment systems, backup camera quality, and overall modernisation positioning Lexus to compete more effectively in the luxury crossover market.

While the RX may not offer the most exhilarating driving experience, it excels in providing a comfortable and stable ride, making it a popular choice for buyers prioritizing comfort and reliability over sportiness.

“If you want your LEXUS to last longer on the road, be disciplined with servicing it on time and making sure you use high-quality octane fuel from trusted fuel stations. Quality fuel gives you optimum performance but also keeps the engine in the best mechanical condition with few visits to the garage, except normal service after every 5,000km,” Asad says.

Warranty and maintenance coverage

Lexus offers a limited warranty that matches most of its rivals in this segment and a powertrain warranty that surpasses many. Hybrid components get longer coverage; however, complimentary scheduled maintenance lasts only one year, whereas the XT5 and the Volvo XC60 both offer lengthier terms.

    • Limited warranty covers 4 years or 50,000 miles.

    • Powertrain warranty covers 6 years or 70,000 miles.

    • Hybrid components are covered for 8 years or 100,000 miles.

    • Complimentary maintenance is covered for 1 year or 10,000 miles.